3 comments on “Erin Go Knock Knock

  1. Any Less Nessman or other WKRP in Cincinnati moment is always welcome. I have a soft spot for Johnny Fever.

    No St Patrick’s Day post from me — distracted by other — but your color combination makes me wish I had. However, I did post a fat link, loaded and super Celt-y comment on one and started collecting a few St Patrick themed posts. Celtic epics, not just the Tain, are personal favorites, and imo should qualify as early cowboy literature since they invariably involve cattle rustling — usually from each other. Range wars. Besides, I’m mostly Welsh, with a quarter shot of Scots. I always forget St David’s Day though.

    Here’s a grand mosaic mural of the Tain or Setanta Wall in Dublin, https://mazgeenlegendary.wordpress.com/desmond-kinneys-tain-wall-above/

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