Erin Go Knock Knock

What’s black, green, orange and purple and impatient?

That would be me.

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, I’m wearing my traditional kelly green, over orange tee shirt. Normally, I would wear this with a white suit to represent the colors green/white/orange of the flag of Ireland. However, though spring is mere days away by the calendar, the weather remains absolutely winter sucky. The streets are still slushy from Stella. The wearing of any kind of white was not happening, so I’m wearing black instead. And of course, for those who don’t already know, my hair is purple.  Yes, I’m being really subtle

As for the impatient – no it’s not to rush out of here and get my green beer going (ugh!).  My office floor is in the midst of a major floor renovation. The section where I sit was the first to be taken apart and worked on. As the partition wall is partially glass, it has a rather distracting bug under a magnifying glass feel. All day there has been a constant stream of colleagues from other areas on the floor, who have come walking around to get a good look at the finished product. I get it I do, as this will be their future as well, but it’s a cubicle – not a reinvention of the wheel.

As I said it was rather distracting, but this is me, always finding  a way to put my tongue firmly in cheek and snark things out.  The constriction guys left a portable line barrier off to the side in a room. They clearly forgot it was in the room as all other supplies have been moved to the next section.  So I decided to put it to good use.

click for full picture…

Yes, in a direct tribute to Les Nessman, the sign actually requests visitors to my cubicle to “Please Knock”. You’re as young as I am points to the first person who knows exactly where I got that from.

In the interim – unlike Erin – I’m not going braugh-less, but I am getting my Guinness on.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!




Let’s see how others are slicing up their St. Paddy’s Day:

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3 thoughts on “Erin Go Knock Knock

  1. Any Less Nessman or other WKRP in Cincinnati moment is always welcome. I have a soft spot for Johnny Fever.

    No St Patrick’s Day post from me — distracted by other — but your color combination makes me wish I had. However, I did post a fat link, loaded and super Celt-y comment on one and started collecting a few St Patrick themed posts. Celtic epics, not just the Tain, are personal favorites, and imo should qualify as early cowboy literature since they invariably involve cattle rustling — usually from each other. Range wars. Besides, I’m mostly Welsh, with a quarter shot of Scots. I always forget St David’s Day though.

    Here’s a grand mosaic mural of the Tain or Setanta Wall in Dublin,

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