13 comments on “Home

  1. This is soo lovely!!❤️ I love how personal this poem is.. and how each of us can relate to it especially; “At home, it seems the stars shine as never before. Full moons deflect the dark echoes of silence of country nights. A most different view to our former noisy city lights. Haley’s comet is nothing to how it makes my heart soar” Beautifully rendered!❤️

    Lots of love,

  2. ‘For us the beauty of this place is past the four walls
    Enjoying each dawn of nature’s reception
    And dusky colors beyond conception
    As nature paints new pictures winter, spring, summer, fall’

    My favorite stanza in this gorgeous poem of comfort.

  3. I sleep soundly, holding your sweet form
    And on the rare working night, when I’m holding air
    I listen all night for your step on the stair

    Your ending is great. Blends very well with Cohen’s!


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