Color Me With Food

I’m faced with my choices

Cranberry, Beluga, Custard,
Caramel, Albacore, Eggplant

Really Raivenne?

I’m such a foodie.

I came here for one thing.


Decisions. Decisions.

With a sweet sparkling
of creative inspiration
an image forms before my eyes.

Giggling I take them all


At dVerse this week’s Quadrille is being hosted by Dee (WhimsyGizmo) who challenges to find the spark as this week’s word prompt.

Moving into a new apartment, I was bemused that all of the paint color choices that appealed to me had food related names. Most, if not all, of those colors will be in a mural that came to me.


dVerse ~ Poets Pub : Quadrille 19 – Spark

7 thoughts on “Color Me With Food

  1. Oh this made me smile… the thought of all the colors having food names is funny… I actually imagine myself licking the walls… but as a poet I prefer a white paper… BTW I corrected your link in Mr Linky from the Calvin and Hobbes entry which was truly a sad reminder what can happen.

  2. Life IS A Banquet
    a fEaST..
    a miracle
    of rocks
    of Suns
    STAr duST
    out oF dARk..
    plUs.. uS.. A
    Journey of 14.5
    billion yeArs plUS BeYond
    dARk to arrive heRE aLive..
    some folks
    liVing at 55..
    and 53 too..
    A lesSon of
    StAr DuSt plUs
    that consumes a Banquet Free..:)

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