The Beholder

Beauty: sells tanning lotion in one area and lightening creams in another
the TVs, magazines and runways of thinness attainable
In: a
 land where the curvy is passable, yet too fat is unacceptable– too? 
rhinoplasty done to make noses look smaller while
get surgery to make them look wider. 
braids deemed unprofessional or locs truly dreaded in
root of – the problem?And if it can’t grow is it clip, glue or sew to a
Beholder: in the mirror who wonders…

But who is the beholder?


At dVerse an interview with Anthony Desmond, and Gayle hosting, prompts us with beliefs; pondering what we might believe in, or had believed in.

I was struck by a conversation among friends of the (in)constant state of beliefs in what is considered beautiful and by whom.

dVerse  Poets Pub | Part Five: Revisiting Anthony Desmond

12 thoughts on “The Beholder

  1. Depends on what you define beauty to be…sometimes with all the plastic changes and fake stuff, one still doesn’t feel beautiful inside and out.

  2. Ah, beauty standards today are anything but natural and it’s heartbreaking. Representation is so important and all we see is fake. There’s nothing wrong with getting work done, what’s wrong is plastic surgery is a standard. And media shit’s on those with natural features.

  3. I so like this. I always used to wonder why some African-Americans would process their hair when it its natural state, it was so beautiful. I think of Angela Davis on this. All the various skin tones from ivory to purple-black. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but then, maybe it isn’t. Maybe what they see frightens them.

  4. I do think it sad that our physical attributes have become an item of fashion.
    I only wore make-up in my teens and then decided to be me, the natural me and if the menfolk didn’t like me as I was, then I wasn’t interested in them either.
    I have often wondered why some folk who are subtlety ‘racist’ try to get as brown as possible… we are a peculiar species…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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