¡Cuba Libre!

what the books can’t tell,
the news can’t sell,
the senses imbibe –
aromas alongside stenches
vintage contrasts innovative
durable touching dilapidated
rancid against delectable
melodic rhythms divide harsh screeches
and the fierce pride of a people
who journeyed time
while standing frozen in it

I recently returned from a trip to Cuba and fully understand why, among many things, it is called a A Country Frozen In Time.  A year ago today, Cuba and the United States restored diplomatic relations. It’s only been a few scant years since Cuba’s resurgence into the US’ consciousness as a restricted travel destination and while the times are indeed a’changing for the country as those restriction become more and more relaxed, it has a very long way to go. That which makes Cuba unique remains very much in place.

dVerse ~Poets Pub | 5th Anniversary Quadrille – Journey


5 thoughts on “¡Cuba Libre!

  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Cuba is indeed a land frozen in time but it is incredible the pockets of non-Cubans who live and work there – some amazing restaurants there owned by Americans of all people. When I was a chef, I visited and got to meet some of the ex-pats. But…your poem – love how you used Journey in this and how you wrote about Cuba and the people. Wonderful quadrille.

  2. I would love to travel there too and be frozen in time. Seeing all those old cars and houses, I would like to walk in the vintage air. Thanks for joining us!!!

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