You Like Me!

Last week was one bummer of a week for me to say the least. Today being Easter Sunday  I was determined to resurrect myself from the understandably maudlin mood . Luckily for me, movie and dinner were already in the works for today and thus went out and enjoyed myself. On my way home from an already enjoyable day, I run into someone I had not seen in years and we reconnected.  And just when I think today couldn’t get any better, I get home log in and find this:



Yes, there are other bloggers who reached this milestone in a few months, what has taken a few years for me. I realize this only reflects my fellow WordPress bloggers who follow me and does not take into account those of you on Blogger/Blogspot and other blogging sites who pressed that button I labeled Follow me more nearly. (Yes, it and the other button on my sidebar, reference the song “Day By Day” from “Godspell”.) Not going to lie, this made me smile.

Since February 2010 500+ of you thought enough of whatever post you were reading to want to read more. When something I didn’t think I’d do more than a couple of years reached that first 100 follows I was honestly surprised. This has me floored. That the running streams of consciousness from my mind that form commentary, poems, flash fiction and Verbal Diarrhea Diaries connect with a handful of you out there was more than I could ask for. I am so very appreciative that you ask for more it by following.

For that I sincerely thank you all. I hope I can continue to make you laugh, cry, think and overall feel.  As I wrote on my very first post:

I thank you for taking the leap of faith and riding with me.

Day 27 – we’re in the final stretch –
Let’s see how the other slicers got through this Easter Sunday…


Day 27 of the 9th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge – Two Writing Teachers  

2 thoughts on “You Like Me!

  1. I can’t put this pressure on myself; I’m a newbie….I have stretched myself everyday to write without boring others. This is not in my roundhouse. Kudos to you; it’s not my passion.

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