And Done

I attended my last wake/funeral for the week today. I wish I could say for the year, but it’s only March. The odds are highly against that.

The service was held at a funeral parlor that I have visited a few times before. A part of me was vexed that I knew exactly how to get to the ladies room.  When I thought about it, I realized I knew the exact location of the ladies room of at least two other funeral homes. I mean, who expects to be that familiar with a funeral home if you don’t work there? Definitely, been to too many funerals.

Each death is different, each funeral is not the same, yet there are commonalities. The service, the internment, the repast. Like weddings that join us – these are the ties that also bind people. And I’m …

Actually, I don’t know what I am.

Other than I’m tired. I’m mentally rambling. I’m done.


Sorry this is as good as it gets today, I’m going to bed…


4 thoughts on “And Done

  1. Sorry for your loss. Sorry for too many losses in one year. I hope you find peace as you mourn and hope you are filled with good memories of the loved ones you’ve lost.

  2. I can just imagine how mentally exhausted you must feel. Here is hoping that for the next stretch of time you nothing but joy and happiness in your life,

  3. Spot on post.
    So sorry for your loss.
    So sorry for your familiarity with too many funeral homes.
    So sorry….

    But you’re so right, so true and so smart.
    Be still.
    You’re mourning.
    Let the memories do their job and comfort….
    Although the time line is not of our making, making time for healing is.
    And you’ve done that.
    I’m glad….

  4. Emotional exhausting is more tiring than physical exhaustion. And you are right, you shouldn’t have to attend so many funerals that you know where the ladies room is. Get some rest.

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