Verbal Diarrhea Diaries:I Said Duck!

If you’ve read my About Raivenne page then you know of my proclivity to drop a salty word or two. If not let me say it in plain language, it’s my blog and every now and then I will fucking cuss if I feel like it.  That being said, if you have followed this blog for a while then you also know, I really don’t curse all that much. At least not here. Everyplace else however is a different story. Suffice it to say my auto-correct, whether on my computer, my tablet or my phone gets quite the work out in changing all the french I speak, which has nothing to do with the lovely language spoken in France.  (Why do we call that -cursing-  speaking french anyway?) Thus when a friend posted the following on Facebook I was highly amused:

duck it


My comment and true story:

Oh my autocorrect must have become annoyed at my always correcting its tendency to offer a more feathered suggestion when I am demanding a more carnal one. I swear the one time I was actually texting duck confit, it switched it to the cuss word in revenge.

I probably should make more of an effort to curtail the fowl language – then again, duck it.


We are officially at the halfway point! Whoo-hooo! Let’s see how others are slicing through this Tuesday and 15th day of the challenge:


Slice of Life Writing Challenge – Day 15 – Two Writing Teachers


9 thoughts on “Verbal Diarrhea Diaries:I Said Duck!

  1. This made me smile. I have such a bad cold right now…but reading your post made me laugh out loud. You are quite the word smith! Thanks for making my day a little (a lot ) brighter. Jackie

  2. Funny post. Autocorrect is an interesting phenomenon. We love it for convenience sake but it does act as kind of a censor sometimes, doesn’t it? I love your honest voice. Keep writing and keep dropping a few F Bombs when you feel the need!

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