9 comments on “Time Keeps On Slippin’

  1. As I near the end of my career, I’ve thought a lot about the wishing away of life. I’m working to savor each moment, although today was a day I needed to end! Still, it’s not over, so I’m savoring some slices before heading out to teach a night class.

  2. I stopped wishing my life away once I retired. Now I just enjoy each moment that I am given. This summer Kathy and I will be taking a trip to Zambia if all goes well. I am not wishing for that time to be here but rather enjoying the anticipation and preparing for the trip.

  3. What a great point you make here. I honestly think writing Slice of Life Stories each week has helped me stop wishing moments away. Instead, I notice them and appreciate them more.

  4. Amen. Good words. The answer is no. I do not want to wish my life away. So true that we will not live longer than we will be dead so I am not trying to make it to the end, yet. When it is my time I will go peacefully but until then I am going to try to appreciate the funky moments too. Thank you!

  5. I frequently do wish I could bypass certain very humdrum, daily, mundane events, namely those that, no matter how often you repeat them, are only going to come again, and again, and again….

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