Because of You

This frozen-solid heart by choice
Thought ne’er again to see light true
Could not afford another break
By yet another harsh adieu
An abstract thought called you swept in
But moving towards what? Who knew
You burst past any alibis
Now this heart thaws because of you

Ambient warmth
First hard adjust
Now complete must
Because of you

In the sleeping night
Love moved in
All because of you

No it’s not scarlet words spoken in avarice
Nor the cerise heat of the noonday sun
Nor the crimson flame of the winter hearth
Nor the cherry star gleam on a stone
The ruby pyre of Hades pales to compare
To the blaze of my love because of you

Because you aced the test unknowingly given, that

Of all the hurdles thrown before you
You overcame them all with sanguine grace and

I now know that I who had given up on such
Am indeed worthy to love and of being
Loved so completely because of you


This loving hodge-podge of a form is called a Descort.

Descort is French for “discord”, and the form is almost more of a non-form. It requires that each stanza or verse have some similar lyrical elements; however, that they be totally different forms. Each stanza should be verse, that is, a structured portion of poetry, but not the same. They can conform to known verse structures or be nonce forms. Some descorts have even used different languages in different stanzas.

This descort was created with six different forms, in order: Raccontino, Pathya Vat, La Lune, Not Poem, and a combined Cherita / Word Acrostic. You can click the form name to discover each form’s characteristics.

dVerse ~Poets Pub | Open Link Night: Week 147

National Poetry Month – Day 23

6 thoughts on “Because of You

  1. I like this – and isn’t it true that we really have to know that we’re worth love to accept it. So many would deny us that right for their own benefit – but strength to accept love is an inner value.

  2. The lesson of life lived deep well.. in grief and joy.. is to find that love we think is out there.. inside us true.. never ever losing love again.. in truth again.. and then all there is to give.. as the chalice of love.. is one never held bound buy metal of gold.. the gold of love is living inside of us.. let no man or woman take away.. what cannot be found outside.. from living love..the cup that is overflowing.. is Love inside..:)

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