The Process…

And thus the process starts and ends with me
 I wake with the warmth of the new spring sun
 And break through my covers damp and earthy
 The first stages of life newly begun
Through summer I grow and
 Bloom; recreating myself and
 My brethren once more in the
 Flight of birds and bees.
From autumn’s wings we land upon the ground
 In winter’s cocoon I slumber once more
 Then like the phoenix rise again in spring
 And thus the process starts and ends with me


Theme – Thursday | Spring

National Poetry Month – Day 3

5 thoughts on “The Process…

  1. Hi there,

    I really enjoyed the pictures paired with the poetry, they worked perfectly together. And I liked that the poem was from the viewpoint of the flower.

    Thank you so much for playing in this weeks Spring Theme Thursday. I want to wish you a Happy Easter and a truly wonderful spring this year.

    God bless.

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