6 comments on “Or Does It Explode?

  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I thought of this Langston Hughes poem, too. It is a troubling dilemma. As with everything difficult I only know how to handle it with prayer and in that way find a path to hope.

  2. I don’t feel like I know enough about the trial, or the lack thereof, to comment on that decision. And, I, too, don’t understand the rioting. As a white woman hundreds of miles away, I don’t know what to do or say. Except maybe to hold on to hope. And to teach my own children to do better and to always choose kind.

  3. Amen. I had such a feeling of dread about this decision – from the very beginning, this was what was planned. The whole system is rigged, and still it goes on….

  4. Yes. And yes to you, Tara. Yesterday, in response to seeing an old friend’s FB post in which she expressed her outrage at the looting in Ferguson but had nothing to say about Michael Brown, in which she described the people of Fergus as animals, I chose to engage her and talk about why I found her use of that term offensive. I was careful with my words, I was kind. And I was told that attitudes like mine were the real problem, that I was perpetuating the racial divide, that I needed to stand with white people and denounce bad behavior for what it was.

    And then I wrote yesterday’s post.

  5. I watched the press conference with the Black leadership. What they said made so much sense. They knew that the grand jury was unlikely to bring charges because of the closeness of the prosecuted to the police in Ferguson. He should have recused himself. I praying that there is a national law passed requiring all police officers to wear body cameras. I am also praying the federal justice department charges the officers with civil rights violations and that there is a federal trial.

  6. i have not seen all the evidence…the loss of any life is a sad thing…that said, i have worked law enforcement, and without being there in the actual situation, no one knows what really happened…requiring cops to wear a body camera is an interesting idea…i wonder if it would catch the whole situation as well…i def think we still have plenty of growing to do as a people…

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