4 comments on “Wash. Sip. Repeat.

  1. I was thinking while I was reading this, “I would never say anything!” Even if I felt the exact way you did, even if I thought the coffee-holder was rude or would spill… I would never actually open my mouth. I’m not shy with my opinions around people I know, but with strangers I am. I admire your boldness.

  2. Talk about poetic justice. It is a shame that so many people feel the way Ms. Coffee feels…I am all that matters. Good for you for speaking up. Glad you and your electronics stayed coffee free.

    • Thanks Arjeha. A lot of us have our self-centered moments from time-to-time, but most of us have the grace to back down when we get called-out on it. I can’t lie, I fully gave in the the schadenfreude when karma struck.

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