9 comments on “Back There Again

  1. nice.. i wish we had fireflies over here… the city is beautiful at night but i do understand that longing for a calm place on the porch in the countryside and just feel nature and someone you trust next to you

  2. mmm i would be missing that river bank as well…and putting the feet up sounds so relaxing….and just breathe….love me some fireflies as well….all goes together nicely to build the peace…

  3. So yes, ‘back then’ it was all so simple and all so grand. We didn’t appreciate what we had then, perhaps even wished for those times to pass. Though we can remember, unfortunately we can never go back again. I liked your nostalgia here….your poem had me nodding in agreement.

  4. I love the way you have expressed nostalgia for former days, the images your words conjure up and the wistful tone. It is true that as youngsters, we often yearn to leave, but as we grow older we realize that these were good old days.

  5. “Oh we spent so many years wishing to get away
    Now we’re wishing for anything just to get back”

    Powerful… don’t EVER scoff at simple. Lovely sentiments!

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