Behind the Façade

Please, don’t look too close
Ambiguity is all I ask
Can’t allow society to see
The woman behind the mask

And I have many facades
It depends on who I see
each person expecting
a different face from me

A professional face for work
Maquillage done to perfection
Spending just a moment in the mirror
Not looking in the eyes of my reflection

But I wonder are we truly fooled
Do we believe the faces we see
Or do we fall into the easier role
Choosing just to let it be

For to look behind the mask means
To acknowledge the silent tears
And to admit all that hurts
Means we’re forced to face our fears

Looking at a life of uncertainty
Despair undermining dreams
Clouded by rejection and strife
My smile is not all it seems

Theme Thursday | Faces

10 thoughts on “Behind the Façade

  1. Thoughtful poem…we show different faces to different people…but taking mask off just for closest or never taking…even for ourselves? ~ think we should acknowledge who we are to feel comfortable in any situation with who/whatever comes next…Blessings!

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