In The Spirit



The passionate call of the joined heart beat
Felt long past when the heart was nubile
The feeling of spring’s first blooms so sweet
The old memory that still makes me smile
It’s the urge at a concert to just weep
The comfort at night when I fall asleep

The piece that’s with me wherever I roam
In the spirit of land, of heart, of home

The knowing when it’s my time to let go
After countless days and nights on this earth
A song on the end of the world I know
That began playing since the day of my birth
As my Deity holds my life in sway
I am drenched peace, as though it’s my last day

For I know I’ve lived the best way I can
In the spirit of love to fellow man

The not so free will that brings me to here
Those voices of guidance to go or to wait
Gifts of inner light to make the dark clear
Past lessons that leads me to paths straight
The persons I feel when no one is there
When needed their presence snakes through the air

Their hands go right through me like ghosts and walls
In the spirit of the ancestral call

A coat of many colors dark and fair
Sometimes it is sparse, sometimes it flows free
Those are my scarves and my rings that I wear
The glow of words that accessorize me
The trifle of rhyme that falls just right
The feeling that haunts “post this tonight”

Paint, pencils, pens and pixels I use
In the spirit of the magic I call Muse

The delightful joy I can’t put into words
The raw anger growing above the din
The most quiet of calm I’ve ever heard
The connection of love with my close kin
The slow chill of knowing hell’s on its way
The warm glow of just being, that needs no say

And it’s to my core when I feel it
In the spirit of living in the spirit

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Meeting the Bar: Your Voice–Let’s Hear It!

8 thoughts on “In The Spirit

  1. knowing the song at the end of the world…rather cool line that…letting go is def an art..and a discipline…i have cried at a concert before…seeing U2 live was rather a spiritual experience for me…in the spirit of magic called muse…smiles…yes, you art for sure…

  2. This is amazing, Raivenne. If you just wrote this for this prompt, I’m blown away. It reads like a poem that been written and honed and polished for a while. The little couplets in between the verses give a peek into your lovely spirit.

  3. I agree….you’ve managed to relate your sense of being at peace with the world outwardly so we can know what it’s like to know you have done your best…we can all strive for that…this also is a smooth and flowing write, easy on the eyes and mind. 😉

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