36 comments on “Grandma

  1. What a poet you are, weaving words and symbolism and imagery into a memory filled with visions and smells and feelings growing up. I want to be that little girl with the grandmother & her aprons of many colors and seasons. I want to peek over the dining room table to see what bounty is therein. Just a beautiful beautiful poem.

  2. Brings back so many memories. I’m still blessed with mine making me fried balogna sandwiches when I’m cold and hungry or feeling down.
    Chantilly is her favorite too. ❤

  3. Lovely valentine. My Meme smelled like Jergans. I wanted some of her succotash reading this and one of my Grandma’s Sunday dinners. Thanks for the memories.

  4. You truly were blessed with a wonderful Grandma and to have spent so much time with her. I wish so much that I had those experiences but sadly did not. So I have always tried to be the grandma that I wish I had. Life is so short and we truly have no idea of how much time we have to spend with our loved ones but it does seem like your grandma made every minute count. She must have loved you all so very much.

    It is funny in that you think you can never love anyone as much as you love your own children, and then along comes the grandchildren and with it comes such a love that you never knew you had. And it seems that only Grandparents understand what that means. They say that it is because we do not have the burden of responsibility as we do with our own kids and so it is just pure love. And love is what it truly is.

    Thanks for such a great story and I am sure that one of your grandkids will write such a story about you. This was so sweet of you to share this with this weeks Theme Thursday. May your weekend be filled with lots of loving memories with your grandkids.

    God bless.

    • I have such a love of comments like these, for it means I have done my job as storyteller, to elicit such warm response. Yet I also feel a tad fraudulent in the bargain. I pen a lot in first person, however the stories told can be as much my real life, or as in the case of this write, purely a figment of my muses rich imagination. As I can see from the above comments, this grandma, while not like mine, is a fair representation of others. I can only hope to be to so good of a grandmother someday, to inspire such.

      Thank you. Mrs. U.

  5. Whether real or not, this grandma certainly has captured our hearts and our imagination. (I had two that were pretty close to this…) Great storytelling and recreation of atmosphere!

  6. Nice of you to Fess-up about the sweet fabrication. I agree, for many of us write in the first person, & it is impossible to tell what is real & what is imagined based on the filters, experience, & Muse of the moment. This is epic Grandma poetics, for sure, & your seasonal aprons, & descriptions of her, dovetail the piece perfectly. A fine job, re-posted or otherwise, rocking the prompt like a tornado. My grandfather was the subject of a dozen of my poems in the past.

  7. My mother used to use the Jergens hand lotion and you described the perfect grandmother…both of mine were like this..storybook examples which I am forever indebted to for their legacies of love and understanding. Nice evocative poem about food ..

    • Ah Claudia, thanks. While this Grandma is a work of fiction on my part, she is certainly the real deal for several who have commented here. Blessed souls all of them that know such a woman as fact.

    • I am not a grandmother, but just throw in some football games playing in the background and holiday dinners in my kitchen run pretty close to this. Thanks Bjorn!

  8. I have very few memories of my grandmother – but your piece brings them out so beautifully, helping a lot of tender moments float up….very well done, so much richness you weave in here.

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