5 comments on “In The Company of Heroes

  1. Oh wow… this has reached in and touched me, deeply. To see new born’s fight for life and be a part of it all. To help them survive, to loose the ones who can’t make it. It all must be so draining and yet so rewarding to those doctors and nurses who see these tiny souls struggle for their survival.
    These medical people have my utmost respect.
    An amazing write. Truly.

  2. smiles i have a good friend caty who used to link in at dverse that worked in neonatal…gosh what a role they fill…helping life get started….your words…
    That every morning you live to see is a cause for cheers
    All the world’s a stage and you are its most promising star
    And my job is behind the wings to get you that far…capture that so well….def a very moving piece….

  3. a friend of mine works with in a hospital, caring for neonatal babies…it’s a wonderful job that she loves but often finds so tough as well when the kids are really sick and she’s not sure if they make it…sensitively penned..

  4. Back in the dark ages, when I was a student nurse (I never worked NICU outside of that time) the odds were against these precious lives. These babies are heroes, as are the parents and the nurses and all the health care providers. Life is such a delicate balance. You wrote this so well that I was convinced you worked in NICU. (Neonatal intensive care)

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