Gleam in His eye

A Memory
Ashes to Ashes

With blessings well aged
With blessings well saged

A many decade writer
Hopefully equal giver and receiver
Always a friend
And of course a Diva

At the beginning of my world-travels
Patient when a holiday light unravels

A Home Owner
An Amorous Wife
Luckily better at inciting passion
Sometimes the cause of strife

Professional at Work
Part-time Jerk

Occasional Fighter
Mother of another

A Daughter

Gleam in His eye


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Poetics: Self-Portrait

9 thoughts on “Cycle

  1. and of course a diva….made me smile…and giver as well as receiver is def the way to go as well…we all play our part in community as a whole…part time jerk…ha…love the little honest humor touches…

    hope the storm is not too rough on you….we are told to be in by 8 pm as we are in the path as well…see you on the other side of it…

    • Thanks Katy. I think because everyone else is having a hissy fit, I naturally become the calm in the storm to counteract it, thus the little things don’t get blown out of proportion.

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