The Serenade

Joann Bishop - The Guitarist

In the courtyard with his guitar
On a warm and starry spring night
Standing near the glow of lamplight
And sings of love so near, so far

He sings of longing as a scar
A deep wound of internal bleed
A wound of perpetual need
Soft chords wrapped tight in notes blue
A testament his heart is true
Love eternal in every deed

She knows it’s her he’s singing to
She hears each note that bear his pains
Within the blood of her own veins
His longing sears her through and through

For it’s a love long overdue
She’s never known the like before
As it’s his heart that makes hers soar
His tender words gently hold sway
Her heart she’ll give to him always
Lets him and love into her door


dVerse ~ Poets Pub |  OpenLinkNight Week 67

4 thoughts on “The Serenade

  1. smiles…i think one of the most romantic things is to sing to your love…when you are with them or not…whether they hear you or not…and it would def win the way for the heart to open….leaving with a smile…

    and looking forward to your form piece in a couple weeks…

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