13 comments on “I’ve Got The Look…

  1. As a child I was expected to obey all adults living at our development. I was occasionally spanked by not to excess. Nowadays, I’m not surprised that the mother, who obviously had missed the boat on disciplining her own brat, would shoot a disapproving look at any other adult who had the nerve to say something to her rotten kid. One of the reasons I chose not to have children was that, during the 70’s and 80’s, you could get a child abuse rap merely from raising your voice, and discipline was barely possible.

  2. I seem to remember you giving it to Irene once when she was trying to chat you up. You whirled and kind of “drew yourself up,” it was kind if like the kinetic energy in the room increased. She decided she wanted to go to her room. I only saw it from the side, but there was eyebrow action. you told me a minute later you really wanted to let her have it. Man, she is one person who would have deserved the worst you could give and more. Whatta piece of work. So glad she’s not in my life these days.

  3. I tend to be a light reader. Just wanting to read short posts, but you draw me in to your stories and I have to keep reading. You have a unique gift, the ability to spin a story and the ability to stop mayhem in a child with your look.

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