This Whispering Place

So it has been for many of my years
My dreams do stage all my hopes and my fears

Dreams that come to me when it’s not quite day
Or in the moments before night holds sway

A gale force of winter, a zephyr of spring
Hard as I try, their memory won’t cling
The dreams are but a moment, a most fleeting thing

Leaving just an impression of their core
Hints warning or guidance no less no more

As a true rule of thumb it is not much
But I’ve learned lessons on not heeding such

Never truly day, never truly night
This whispering place between dark and light
So clearly seen to me, but not within my sight


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week 66

6 thoughts on “This Whispering Place

  1. i like the thought of the place in between….we often thing of the extreme in contrasts and in our decision, but is there another way…so clearly seen but not in our sight….not dismissing the dream part, but that bit really caught me…

  2. Haven’t been here in too long Rai … *shy* … forgive me honey… been so busy…


    I love this … it feels like the space between breaths … I love it , so much …

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