6 comments on “Time Drawing Near

    • Thank you Charles. A friend was going through this recently. It reminded me of my sons and the day it fully hit me that they would be gone sooner than later.

  1. awww….my son turned 10 this year…i have a doubel digit son…he told me the other day he has 6 years til he drives….and i cant believe it…all the things left behind i am not looking forward to that part…smiles. nice write…

    • Oh man, I remember when my youngest reached double digits. Cars are the easy part, wait until he gets to the part where he stops thinking girls are yucky… grinning.
      Thanks Brian.

  2. I have no son, but I feel this with my nephew. Having him leave home for college in August was a proud and sad moment for me. I’m loving seeing all the things he’s becoming, but I miss the 5-year-old he still is in my heart.

    • I saw my oldest not too long after he turned 30 this year. In my mind’s eye I could still see him as the little monkey trying to Spiderman his way up the walls in the hall of my mother’s apartment. I suspect when your nephew reaches thirty you’ll have a similar experience.

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