7 comments on “Alone Again

  1. I’ve seen that sort of thing many times recently in TV sitcoms. Pig parties, or awards for pig dates, should be classed along with bullying..

  2. It’s a sad, sad world we live in, when cruelty is a game. Like Bob S says, you see it a lot on Tv these days. It’s considered sport to ridicule others. I’ve seen this coming for years.
    That said, this is an awesome bit of writing, Raivenne. You nailed the voice and the rhyme and meter are superb!

  3. totally echo what bob says..just terrible to make such jokes and make someone suffer so much…brought tears to my eyes..i so hope that she finds someone who tells her how beautiful she is..everyone is..we just have to see..

  4. ugh it is crowded loneliness….our lives are filled with superficial relationships and this is a a product…and i agree as well with it being a form of bullying….great spin ma’am

  5. There were a lot of things wrong with the backward, 1950’s-timewarp town I grew up in, but when I hear about things like this, I am glad to have grown up in a place where this would never have happened. Well written, my friend, but I’m sad that this rings so true.

  6. Not all acts of bullying are in your face confrontations. Often it is these less bold that are the most insidious and devastating to the victims. It seemed a fitting write considering October is “Anti-Bullying Month”.

    Bob, Charles, Claudia, Brian, Tigerbrite and GirlGriot – Thank you.

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