21 comments on “In The End

  1. What a moving poem this was, and what sadness it shares. Sounds like there was a wonderful love….but then a very difficult end. I felt it DEEPLY. As far as what the true story really is, perhaps it is better to believe the best rather than the worst…if you can!

  2. wow…read this last night but was too tired to comment and make it make sense…what a twisty end to that story….and when someone is taken from us it is hard enough to cling to truth with the rumors further murkying the waters…very emotional piece….and great song…

  3. First off – I love the idea of using the Moody Blues lyrics as a prompt. Second, this is a very interesting write – difficult to read in parts, but very moving.

    • Thank you Tony. I’m using a poetic form called a Glosa which requires the use of another artist’s words. The prompt as you called it, It is officially named a ‘cabeza’ in the form.

    • Thank you, Sir Mashburn. I have loved the Moody Blues song long before I was old enough to understand the lyrics. Now Charles, sorry to put doubt out there, this may very well be straight from someone’s heart, just not directly mine. This is another of those writes I attribute solely to my muse.

  4. ‘Nights in white Satin’ …a lovely song by the Moody Blues and you have used it so well in this wonderful, but sad poem. I had to read it twice to feel it. Awesome.

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