I’ll Bide ‘Till Time

A time long since your love I held
A memory that wants to fade
Where an abundance was once held
Reduced to dreams, images frayed

So young our love, this war so stalls
A fortnight wed, in twice passed Falls
In King’s honor I know you serve
But nights lonely, my heart does swerve

My fingers replace not your touch
Though deepest soul can recall such
In shallow dreams that hold your kiss
The gentle roughness of that bliss

Ne’er thought to feel this desperate
I bide ‘till time, returns my mate


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | FormForAll – Basic Sonnet Forms

20 thoughts on “I’ll Bide ‘Till Time

  1. You took the Shakespearean form and adapted it somewhat to suit your subject and your voice. The poem is full of longing, and the loss of love during a separation. Very poignant. You adapted the form by shortening the lines to tetrameter. Not the standard length but very effective here. A very touching poem. Well done.

    • Ugh! Meter has never been my strong suit. I’d never get a sonnet out if I followed the rules to the T, the substance of the voice is the deciding factor over the correctness of the form. I’m glad you liked it regardless, thanks Gay!

  2. A beautiful poem. I’m honored by woman who wait for men to return. A man need reason and purpose. A good woman is a very good reason to come home. Thank you for the excellent poem.

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