5 comments on “Memories of You…

  1. Your poem speaks well to the necessity of keeping good memories in mind; and sometimes they really DO help a person move on. With the memories, a life can be remembered and a relationship relived. Hold fast to your memories always.

  2. As you might know, I am a person who believes our lives are made up of choices, and our happiness depends on whether we choose to be happy, or not. I read something in a novel recently that said something along that same line of thought with regard to losing a loved one. It said, “When we lose someone, we can choose to let their memory be a spring of joy, or a fountain of bitterness and pain.” I find this to be a very profound truth, and thought I’d share it with you. I hope you don’t mind.
    That said, your poem is absolutely beautiful, and packed full of love. It appears you have found peace; a most valuable treasure!

  3. nice…i really like the refrain throughout….and really nice sotry telling as well..and extended metaphors such as the star and it dimming in their absense…and the releasing as well….i like it was a crown of daisies as well that helped you to get there…

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