Memories of You…

The air moves so softly, against a gossamer sky
The soundless grain of sand, time slowly passing by

You’ve been gone so long, and yet I still felt you near
A vivid burst of memory, which stayed so sharp and clear

I felt as though I could still feel the touch your hand
As we did those last days, along the river’s sand

With your arm draped around me, against the wind’s surge
You made me vow to go on, I heard your plea’s desperate urge

Walking barefoot, our toes gently grazed by the water’s edge
I knew by holding these memories I was breaking my pledge

It was past time to release,
My deepest heart knew
But I just couldn’t let go
Of these memories of you

Once the symptoms set in, we simply set sail
Living large in the mesh of time left to our avail

You my knight, said I was a star; a spirit like mine must glow
And once Valhalla called, your wishes I tried to bestow

I tried, honestly tried living within the masquerade
But without you, I grew dim, even stars sometimes fade

My prayers were a narrative, a psalm, a song, a prose
On the ridges of sanity, I’ve tried everything I suppose

With both compliments and curses in my phrases
I’ve damned and pleaded with the deities in phases

It was past time to release,
My deepest heart knew
But I just couldn’t let go
Of these memories of you

I would chafe at any attempt to ease my pain
As I laid your sword to rest, upon the grassy plain

I was jealous of the wind that could still touch you
With a heaven between us, it was more than I could do

The winds were your caresses, the gentle rain your kiss
And in the cold of winter, it was your arms that I would miss

That held me so close and warm against the night’s chill
I purposely slept uncovered, if you couldn’t warm me nothing will

I found comfort only in memories pretense
A pose of happiness at my soul’s expense

It was past time to release,
My deepest heart knew
But I just couldn’t let go
Of these memories of you

But then one memory crept out for sun
Shinning light on the truth of what I’ve done

The very last gift you had given to me
Before the Odin called and set your soul free

As long as I didn’t think about it, then alive you would stay
But the base of that lie could no longer hold sway

And I smiled, really smiled in a sudden release
Memory of a crown of daisies finally gave me peace

The air moves so softly, a gossamer sigh
A soundless click of time, saying goodbye

It was now time to release,
My deepest heart knew
Now I know I can go on
Even with these memories of you


dVerse Poets Pub : OpenLinkNight ~ Week 60

5 thoughts on “Memories of You…

  1. Your poem speaks well to the necessity of keeping good memories in mind; and sometimes they really DO help a person move on. With the memories, a life can be remembered and a relationship relived. Hold fast to your memories always.

  2. As you might know, I am a person who believes our lives are made up of choices, and our happiness depends on whether we choose to be happy, or not. I read something in a novel recently that said something along that same line of thought with regard to losing a loved one. It said, “When we lose someone, we can choose to let their memory be a spring of joy, or a fountain of bitterness and pain.” I find this to be a very profound truth, and thought I’d share it with you. I hope you don’t mind.
    That said, your poem is absolutely beautiful, and packed full of love. It appears you have found peace; a most valuable treasure!

  3. nice…i really like the refrain throughout….and really nice sotry telling as well..and extended metaphors such as the star and it dimming in their absense…and the releasing as well….i like it was a crown of daisies as well that helped you to get there…

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