20 comments on “This Room

  1. oh very nice…i like how you took cohens verse and expanded on it…secrets in the walls and no laughter here…that def sets the tone of the piece….

  2. He (Leonard Cohen) has done some wonderful works hasn’t he. This is a wonderful, detailed look at those walls and the history they hold. The mistakes, regrets, the bed we all have to lie on. Very deep and filled with vivid imagery.

    • Oh I think it’s a very good thing that mine remain silent. I amuse enough people with my antics, don’t need my walls laughing me also. Thanks Victoria.

  3. That is quite a tour de force: producing such rhyming stanzas and I love the endings taken from what I presume is a song?
    The secrets yet to be unfolded intrigue me. Have you checked the window panes? Schoolboys love to scratch secret messages on glass. Let us know if you find any 🙂

    • Thank you Aprille. The form I used to write this is called a glosa. Yes, the borrowed words are from a Leonard Cohen song. If a school boy is looking through my window panes, I doubts he’s thinking to scratch a message – smiles.

    • Thanks Charles, you know me and my love of using the glosa form. I enjoy taking another’s words and expanding on the thought, but especially when I can take them in a completely different direction.

  4. This is a clever and frightening piece–clever use of rhyme and repetition and mystery, and very POE-like in a sense of a crime committed with “secrets” in the 1st stanza, “too much has simply happened” in the second, blood and sin in the third, and finally gore and hides and waiting for an attacker (?) in the 4th. Gosh golly gee, you’ve got me shaking on my knees, and I’d call that pretty effective poetry.

  5. To look, you wouldn’t think there’d be much to say
    And to be honest, I kind of like it that way
    Dimly lit, my room lacks any savior faire
    The windows are small and the walls almost bare

    I could relate to this very closely. Powerful thoughts throughout.

    • Interesting, I cannot abide bare walls; there has to be *something* on them. I’m sure somewhere there would exist some analysis as to our psyches just based on our walls, Thanks David.

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