11 comments on “This Chic In Paris – Part III

  1. I have so much enjoyed this … my love and I spent two weeks in a studio apt in down-town Paris the summer before last and fell in love with the city of light and many of the highlights you’ve covered are on my list as well … I agree entirely about the Louvre … there is no over-stating the size of the place. Next trip we will definitely book some guided mini-tours as we did at the Uffizzi in Florence (we had thought we might not like it, but we loved the whole experience) and we booked “jump the cue” tickets for both France and Italy that year and last year when we did Rome. We are headed back to Italy again this summer (it’s a long story but we have a standing gig there for a few years so will be doing as much of that country as possible until this thing runs out). We leave in about two weeks and are booked again into Rome and then Verona, Venice and Milan before we head south to where we stay for the rest of the summer. For folks we had never done Europe at all up until two years ago, we are very much “into” the continent – at least France and Italy – we also stayed in Provence for two weeks the year before last and loved it there too!

  2. High 5! Actually, high 7, I guess. Well, high 8 because of Paris herself. You should have done Raivenne’s top 10!

    • Hobbit you and/or I need to hit one of those mega lotto thingies so we can paint the ‘verse red. Oh the splendorous laughter to be left in our wake!

      • Well, yes! the universe has been rather stubborn to this point in complying, but I keep hoping that bottleneck clears! too darn many places to see!

  3. We were there only for a few days back in 1990. Based on your descriptions, I certainly wish we could have seen more. A great read.

    • Bob, you didn’t have Al Gore’s “invention” to help you out in 1990. I took full advantage of it and friends’ advice for my trip. I had a loose itinerary of what I wanted to see/do and made the most of it.

  4. Enjoyable post, however I must clarify that The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is certainly not one ninth, or even one third of the size of the Louvre, in fact The Met is three times larger than the Louvre in square feet: compare 2,000,000 sq. ft. at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to 652,000 at the Louvre; the Met is actually 3 times larger!

    • Thanks Chris.

      You are very correct, by the publicly accessible museum square footage The Met is by far larger. I’ve had a couple of other friends nab on that fact also.

      Maybe it’s because I’ve been to the Met often enough that it feels so familiar and thus “cozier” in a way. The Louvre felt so immense to this first timer. I’ll gather the reverse must feel even more grand in scale to a Parisian visiting the Met.

      Thanks again.

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