Noir Queen

My existence emerged from the chaos of Day One
And will reign until the last day is done
In my realm from the moment a man is conceived
Until called upon finally for my kiss to receive

The shadow of the valley that is me
In the flowing robes of destiny
My right divine is beyond your laws
I make the most fearless give pause

Unable to resist my mating call
A mere crook of my finger and men fall

Chained to breathe life to your darkest desire
And you the spark to ignite my erotic pyre
Driven to taste the dew of my damned lips
Your undoing comes in the sway of my hips

I am the soul so tainted never again to be pure
The virulent disease for which there is no cure
Doctors, wizards, even shaman glower
In respect to the infinity of my power

There is not a soul I cannot lay bare
Seductress Supreme I am beyond compare

Gaia herself cannot gainsay my dark deeds
This blackest of heart rides the palest of steed
None is exempt from the road I pave
To predestined perdition โ€“ you are my slave

From the moment of conception until your death
I live in you and then take from you your last breath
Nyx, Arianrhod, Kali, Naamah, Hecate
However you chose to call me, I am your fate

You are free of my service only whence I so glean
I am the darkness, I am the eternal, I am the Noir Queen


dVerse Poets Pub : OpenLinkNight ~ Week 42

11 thoughts on “Noir Queen

  1. haha i would love to hear this read…i hear sass in your voice…lol…got a smooth rhythm and great beat, and even the gods dont dare mess with one so black…haha

  2. Well, This certainly puts it on the QT I think. There’s the confidence in their beauty that every woman should have, but I’d hope it would not end by way of hubris. There’s that dark power for sure that attracts us all, pulling us into its power. Though I’m not familiar with the other goddeses you mention, I have heard that Kali is not so much to be worshiped for her destructiveness as her power to create from the destruction of the illusions that bind us to self-deception. But then being a male, I would think that, wouldn’t I? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ah Chaz,

      All of my incarnations given name here have something to do with darkness, the night, witchcraft and/or other deeds that happen under the cover thereof. Beloved Kali is a goddess of many things; time and change, annihilation, empowerment and not to mention her amazing tantric abilities.

      As for your being male and what you choose to think I am, please note that Kali is oft depicted as standing on the body of her consort Shiva. It is indeed your hubris to mess with me ๐Ÿ˜‰

      * insert most wicked grin here *

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