9 comments on “Easy Does It

  1. What a touching poem. My boys are still very young and yet I ask the same question. Time drags on for many parts of my life but the time with the boys seems to be running laps around the track of life. I am not looking forward to the days when other states are homes to my boys.

  2. A piece of my heart is aching for you as your sons have moved away. It’s a reminder to me to savor each and every day with my little one who’s 14 mos.

    I love the structure of your poem. It flowed so well. The repetition is what really made my feel for you.

  3. Today, I wrote about my little girl, and today you wrote about your grown up children. I am glad I took time to play today, since time does slip away. One day, I will have grown up children, and if I am not there playing and kissing boo-boos, time will really slip away. Thanks for sharing yourself.

  4. As a mother of two grown sons, I can really relate to your lovely poem! The time I spend with them is more precious than ever! They have very busy lives, and it makes it hard to get together as much as I wish we could. I miss them. Thanks for sharing your poem!

  5. Elizabeth, Stacey, Lee Ann, Maya, Linda:I knew all the mothers reading this would relate immediately. Thank you ladies.

    Bob: If only indeed… Thank you.

  6. My heart’s in here with you, Raivenne. Just spent the day with my way-too-grown nephew yesterday. Still can’t reconcile the tall man standing in front of me with the 5-year-old who lives in my heart.

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