5 comments on “Living For the Art Of It..

  1. It’s never too late to re-establish contact with your muse. Keep on writing! You might even someday to take up where you left off on drawing. I’d be happy to own a Raivenne original.

  2. I’m not surprised. Art is in you, and it’s magnetically drawn to other art. You were bound to eventually be surrounded by creatives. I hope you let loose on the visual arts too!

  3. I like it! My story is somewhat similar, and I actually only started writing again when I met my wife, Sherry, about 17 years ago. She is my inspiration and my biggest fan.
    I’m glad you came back, Raivenne. Can’t wait to see one of your drawings!

  4. Oh, I make a point of dropping your name every chance I get, ma’am! So glad you picked up that pen, so glad you found your way back to expressing your creativity!

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