16 comments on “The Summons

  1. Beautiful, and so unusual considering the kings most of us have known about (e.g. Henry VIII). Fear often does prove to be groundless.

    • LOL! Oh Bob, stop thinking like an American. Just because I didn’t say Czar or Emperor you limited yourself to western European royalty? 😉 I teez, I teez 😀

      Much thanks as always.

    • Charles, I gave up ages ago trying to decipher how my muse conjures anything any more. I simply write while the quill is full and hope there’s always more ink in the well.

      Having had near Stockholm Syndrome with your words at times, I am flattered to have captivated you with mine today. Thank you.

  2. Hey Booguloo, thank you. This is a Japanese poetic form is called a “haibun” or “halibun”, The form is prose (or a prose poem) mixed with one or more haiku: The prose should add to the depth with which we experience the haiku and the haiku should add meaning to the prose.

  3. nice…it is a dawn…and i love the surprise of his gentleness and willing to set aside the norms so that those first touches can happen…love like that can def overcome boundaries…this is def a cool story, almost fairy tale…smiles.

  4. so apt.. considering I just watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.. I can see this in the significance of the combs.. wonderful tale.. and you have used the haibun technique very efficiently… The fairytale quality works so well…

  5. think none of us expects that the king would at all be interested in us…and what joy when he is – and even comes that close, puts all protocol aside and kisses us – seeks that close relationship… reminds me of my king…smiles

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