He Sits

He sits
on a rock in the dark of night
Watching the nearby airport’s planes in flight

In the distance, city lights sparkle like gems
An hour ago, he stood among them

He knew he should have taken that first plane
But he was on a hot streak to leave was insane

His streak quickly went on a downward slope
Cashed in the plane ticket, a bus he could cope

“I believe just one more hand, and I’ll have it beat”
Now another person sits in his Greyhound seat

Resolute he tossed in the last token
Doomed, before the dealer had spoken

The wheel slowed to a pause, and he yelled “Stay gold!”
Worries over, he’d swear he saw heaven unfold
But gravity turned the wheel that one last click
Yes, fate had pulled off another cruel trick

He sits
on the rock, the eerie silence bliss
Shakes his head on how his life came down to this

Calm in this dark orchard of desert sand
Night creatures the least of his minds demand

Ordered to stay out of the Fool’s Paradise
God, how he wishes he had taken that advice

His brief streak ended, he couldn’t make book
Down to the last coin, his goose was cooked

He embarked on this weekend to have fun
Now he prays his wife forgives what he’s done

Wondering how is she going to cope
He’s taken every dime of theirs down the slope

He doesn’t try to run when the dark suits appear
Inside the loan shark’s mansion, he’s beyond tears

Not the first, not the last he falls in queue
As the suits do what they’re hired to do

So this is how it ends, the thought does occur
In the split seconds before the silencer

He sits
on the rock in the dark thick
Doesn’t even flinch, when he hears the click



14 thoughts on “He Sits

  1. With the final four stanzas, it seems to me that he has attained the best of all possible ends. Perhaps they should post this at the entrances to all the casinos, right next to “Do you have a gambling problem? Call…”

  2. This is a great poem about how gambling can destroy lives. It is so funny that when one sets out on a trip to Vegas one has such hope that they will finally be a winner and then one must come back home. One is lucky to leave with money in their pocket and if one leaves a winner then one is usually thinking about when they can come back. The only thing I can say is that all those beautiful casinos were not built because the gambler wins, no it was built because the gambler loses. Hopefully they do not lose their life but there are many that have. Stay away, is the best advice that I can give, trust me I know.

    A wonderful tale for this weeks Theme Thursday. Thanks for joining us this week.

    God bless.

    • I certainly did not set out to write a gambling PSA when I started this.;)

      I had an image of a man in the middle of nowhere looking down a gun barrel and was resolved in knowing he was about to die and it was his fault. The image was focused on that final emotion of the character. The story was simply my muse concocting a quick explanation on how he got to that point. The outer ramifications were secondary and even tertiary to the moment. I am glad you liked it. Thank you.

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