5 comments on “It Will Never Be Funny

  1. Indeed, the younger generations have no clue as to what “Nazi” really signifies. Thanks, I believe, to Seinfeld (who is Jewish, BTW) and his “Soup Nazi”, many young people believe that a Nazi is merely someone who orders people around and/or nags them to death on a particular subject. He should know better and, if he doesn’t, my wife’s aunt and uncle (camp survivors) could easily fill him or anyone else in on the subject.

  2. I agree 100%, Raivenne! This is beyond ignorant, as are the “planking” and “owling” BS stunts. People are seeking fame by stupidity via the Internet. Indeed, what have we come to be?One of my pet peeves is the wearing of “Che” shirts by ignorants who have no clue he was a mass murderer of innocent people who wanted nothing more than to be left alone.
    Thank you for your voice and for standing against the idiocy of the post above.

  3. Thank you for posting this – I just saw red. South Africa has had a really ugly, racist media day and this was just the last straw for me – I actually just about punched my screen. This ignorance is particularly unforgivable but unfortunately horribly typical in the South African context. I just get so tired sometimes. We keep saying and hoping that change will come with the young but when students living in a still intensely racial reality can post this kind of filth and find it funny…I just don’t know man. I’m going to eat ice cream and try to forget.

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