2 comments on “For Amy

  1. Raivenne, thanks for your kind response to my poem about Amy Winehouse. I had never listened to any of Amy’s music until now, although my wife was and is a big fan. Your post here is a very moving tribute. The other night I wrote a new poem about Amy:


    Like the first one, it came in a flash of inspiration while taking a walk. I hope that you enjoy it. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

  2. You sound honest and a fan, it’s a pity that some talented people tumble down and end up in rehab, it’s worse that they die, but somehow this has happened to a lot of them and for the same reason one’s who don’t necessarily follow their music, just don’t care about their music and the person becomes just another tragedy.
    I found your post quite humane in this lot of news portals.

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