Leathers In The Night

She walks in leathers in the night
Mine until dawn’s rays are spun
Her smile holds chills, not warmth of sun

Her stance is bold, a thrilling sight
Trapped in her gaze, mind in a daze
A sham I pose, to give her fight

I brace myself when whip is spun,
Her leathers whisper in the night…

The leather whips hard in the night
Stung with the strike of the first one
I writhe in joy, I am undone

And when sated, she’s gone from sight
Strange in her ways, she never stays
There is no wrong, there is no right

Just memories I can’t outrun
And hints of leather in the night

Double Challenge:

One Stop Poetry:
One Stop Monday Form – High Octains

One Shot Wednesday:
One Shot Wednesday – Week 47 Entry

11 thoughts on “Leathers In The Night

  1. maybe you wouldn’t like her in daylight…so it’s good she doesn’t stay…smiles – quite the powerful content you packed into your high octain

  2. beautiful n sooo honest.. that’s how it happens indeed!
    Whatever ever brought some smile n still brings some when looked upon; it’s darn right.. stay in there.. catch these cushions.. I’ll send in the wafers too..

    Hugs xoxox

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