Look At Her

Adipositivity image

Look at her…

A sea of creamy alabaster,
in quiet repose.

Sunlight dances along her features,
rays pirouette to touch her

The curve of her soft chin
As she raises her head to bask
in Sol’s warmth

No here!
On wonderfully cushioned arms
A comfort that can lull the most active mind
to quite solitude

No there!
Wrapping around her thighs,
so thick, supple, inviting
even as it protects there

Ah, there…
There even the light respects
the concealed yielding
that should always be
a tender secret

Beauty that would make
the likes of Reubens or Botero
simply wail in the dismal failure
to capture such

And I am blessed
blessed with the pleasure
to gaze upon her
to simply

Look at her…

<>==========<>==========<>dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight : week 114

9 thoughts on “Look At Her

  1. Reubens – He had it down right. He knew what king of beauty to appreciate. Botero – looks like a regular TV channel on a HD set without setting the aspect to “normal”.

  2. So honored I came back here to read it again and tear up again. Your poetry is lovely and I am so fortunate to be featured in it. ❤ ❤ ❤

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