I Want You…

I want you…

I want sapphire skies with diamond eyes
filled with guttural moans and satiated sighs
I want to feel the arc of the moon echoed
in the curve of your spine
I want to feel the breath of your whisper in my ear
screaming that its mine

I want you…

I want to love you with the rising of the sun
and start again when the day is done
I want you to rhyme me in a sonnet
a prose of your own
I want the words to vibrate on my skin
from the bass of your moan

I want you…

I want to run wild in the trap of your gaze
feel the slick of our bodies in a sweaty glaze
I want to hear you scream the words
that would make Mama blush
let the blood flow to your head in a heated rush,
then lick the burn on my abdomen from the carpet plush

I want you…

I want you to fill the void with a dip
then come down lick the cream from my lips
I want to feel us shiver,
feel us tremble, feel us shake
feel the crash to the floor in its wake
go deaf from the scream for its own sake

I want you…

I want you to take me to the brink, risk the cardiac
fuck me ’till I’m flatline,
then fuck me back
I want to feel your body pressed between me and the wall
dependent only on our strength to save us from the fall
Test the limits of our bodies, fight the spasms
roar against the ecstasy, then


into the chasms

I want you…


dVerse ~Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight


12 thoughts on “I Want You…

  1. About time someone feels free to express the nature of the human mind. We all think about this and it is natural to think so. I applaud you for being so truthful in expression.

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