2 comments on “Embarass versus Humiliate – How Much Is Too Much?

  1. I couldn’t watch the video as, sure enough, peerless leader has blocked it as “nudity”. But I think that utter humiliation may have been overdoing it a bit. Embarrassment would probably have been enough.

    The subject of how much discipline is enough and how much is too much as become quite touchy in recent decades. In fact, one of the several reasons I chose not to have children was that during the time I most likely would’ve had them (mid 1970’s or so), the extremists among the liberals of my youth had gotten things to the point that an ordinary spanking and possibly even raising one’s voice could’ve gotten one a child abuse rap. The official line seemed to be that any discipline at all would “stifle a child’s free expression” and presumably ruin him emotionally for life.

    It is probably due, at least in part, to this state of things that America, essentially, raised an entire generation of children as animals.

  2. The public humiliation of punishment was probably too much, too far. Far better would have been a reaction to make the child (and I use the word ‘child’ with good reason) take public, visible steps in opposition to their stated “hardness”, such as serving food at a homeless shelter, reading at the library to little kids, delivering meals to shut-ins. etc. I applaud the uncle for wanting to turn the boy around, but fear that the punishment was as much a crime of “being a badass” as the kid was trying to portray himself to be. Involuntary punishment is always easier than the kind that is self-inflicted, self-initiated or otherwise requires the individual to be committed to undertaking. Having been raised in an environment where the belt was often used in attempts to control my behavior, I know for certain that it did not result in a change of mindset nearly as much as my own investment in time, energy and personal commitment towards something greater than myself did to change my ways.

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