5 comments on “New Year’s REVolution

  1. I just reposted on my FB wall cos this needs to be read by everyone not just for the fat-blessed. My family-fat horror stories are mixed in with the joy too so it can be hard to decide sometimes where to make a stand–I pick and choose my battles–but standing my ground is non-negotiable. Everyone, family or not has to accept me totally or they don’t get any of me at all and that’s a big fat shame. Love and hugs, CastingPearls

  2. As an adopted fatty in a very fit family, I can absolutely relate to these issues: painful, no matter how well-meant. And often, comments that weren’t even directed to or about me, but that revealed them more.

    It took me a long time to accept that no matter where I fall on the fat/thin or pretty/ugly continuums, neither has any bearing whatsoever on my value as a person.

  3. “and that’s a big fat shame.”

    For anyone who would reject someone as wonderful as you? Yes, CP it is. Thank you so much for the re-posting.

    Q, I partially identify with you, as I am my father’s biological daughter and take after his mother (who was fat), I am not the biological daughter of the woman I know as my mother. She was very slender and had very definitive ideas of what the perfect daughter should be. I fit absolutely none of her modes, including size, so I can emphasize.

    Thanks for your input ladies.

  4. I really love how well written this is often the people who are supposed to love us the most cause us the most problems. You gave me the courage to stand up to a cousin who as usual has removed his comments off my fb wall. I love your blog and I have taken this project onboard and to heart. Hugs

    • {{{ Heavenly}}} Thanks for the lovely words, but I did nothing. I can’t give to you that which you already own. At best, all I did is remind you of options available. I’m sure there are plenty others have who viewed these same words and left it at that thinking “easier said than done” and they are correct. You gave yourself the courage to do the uneasy thing anyway. And to that, my friend, I say bravo.


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