By Friendly Hand

My large beauty
My ethnic birth
Female I am

All mocked cruelly
In brutal words
Spoken so quick

The flip remark
Said upon lark
Really did hurt

And did begin
A vicious rend
Upon my soul

My poise shaken
I’d never think
Because of you

The shot fired
By friendly hand
Hurting much more

Than the exact
Same something by
Strangers that pass

That you’re clueless
To meanings dealt
Under the joke

Give scant solace
To feelings hurt
Deeply in me

Steps to repair
The friendship torn
Begun by you

Yet to forgive
Then forget this
Really is hard

Where to begin
In healing such
Haven’t a clue


Today’s form? A Novem

8 thoughts on “By Friendly Hand

  1. Powerful words Rai Venne I know that feeling – the closer they are, the more they can hurt. I hope I have not been guilty of causing the pain for others. It was unintentional if done.

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