Personal Falling

I am aware it is still Summer. I am the person who emphatically espouses yearly that my birthday is officially in the summer, regardless that the vernal equinox follows only a couple of days later. So believe me, I well aware it is still Summer.

That being said, it’s officially Virgo season and this week I have noticed my personal markers for the coming season have begun:

  • Waking up to darkness again at 5 in the morning.
  • Being fully dark again by 9pm
  • Enough leaves have begun to descend that the groundskeepers around my job are using already using leaf blowers to clean.
  • I haven’t seen so many people wearing long sleeves since early May.
  • Last night I closed a window because the cross breeze was a bit too cool to take.

I know we still have a month of regular summer, and there’s also Autummer* to go through later in the fall season. But these past few overly humid Canicular days are starting to get to me.

Come on sweater weather!!

*Autummer – what I dub what was once known as Indian Summer, which is no longer used out of respect to Native Americans. It is that brief, yet lovely, time of year mid-to late autumn, here in the US and Europe where after it starts to feel noticeably cold, it suddenly warms up for a few days.  It is what summer should be: regular length days and acceptable heat, just before Jack Frost slips his fingers in to give a hint of what’s coming next.

Let’s see how others are chilling it out this Tuesday…

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6 thoughts on “Personal Falling

  1. The changing weather patterns and length of sunlight is one of yhe perks? curses? of living in the northeast. Those days of turning on the car’s AC when you go out in the afternoon and then turning on the heat as you drive home at night. Although I sometimes complain, I can’t think of any other part of the country where I would rather live.

  2. I have never been a fan of summer–heat, mosquitos, a person agoraphobia that sets in . . . yet I have been warming to it lately (bad pun intended). However, your description of the beginning signs of autumn and its crispness continue to be a source of delight. I understand where it might be dread . . . especially when tied to a return to the hustle of the routine of school. Thank you for sharing the details of this complicated season.

  3. As a fellow Virgo, I can relate to your observations and the way we mark this time of year with our birthday thrown in. My is the 16th of next month; what’s yours? I have to remind myself that summer is not over and that Autummer (love it!) still has plenty in store for us.

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