The Oopsies Have It!

I sometimes use my phone to compose posts on WordPress. It’s convenient when I’m not in front om my computer to write my posts. For example, when I’m on the subway and an idea comes to me for a poem. As it’s one Ill have to link to via this blog it made perfect sense to start it here. One less step to do. Yeah, not quite.

Convenient as it is, it comes with with a few problems. I am not the world’s best speller to begin with, I’m prone to grammar typos and don’t forget my adoration of dangling participles. Most of which I don’t catch until after my post has been published. And oh, let’s not talk about the autocuumber – I mean autocorrect. That charming little helper that constantly insists I have no ducks left to give, yet will occasionally decide in a food post that I had fuck a l’orange for dinner. Oopsie!

Add in that my fifteen words per minute typing cannot possibly keep up with my fifteen hundred thoughts per minute mind. I drop words mid sentence. I know I thought them, but the fingers do not reach my keyboard in time before other thoughts and words crowd them out. And le pièce de résistance: big fingers – little keyboard. I’m constantly hitting the c, v, b, n, or m key when all I want is amspace. (<– like what just happened there – oopsie!). Using my phone for drafts is convenient, but a recipe for disaster.

Especially the times when I was not done composing posts, and did not want to lose the work done thus far. At some point I accidentally managed to hit “Publish” because that button is too dang close to the dropdown menu where “save as draft” is hidden. I know the app designers emphasize posting, but it’s bedeviling as all get out when drafting. Because naturally, once I have realized that it’s live, I don’t want to trash it, so now I am scrambling to edit my accidentally published post, only to have hit “update” instead of “save as draft” in the process – yet another oopsie(!). This especially galls me for I constantly tell my students, “If it’s a mess in draft, it will be a mess live. Submitting it will not magically fix anything FUBAR.” Goodness knows this mess of a blog is proof of that. It’s bad enough when working from my PC. It’s especially true for me when composing on a mobile device.

All that to say, so, if you happened to see my first, second, twenty-second, failed attempts of what probably looked like an incomplete or an incomprehensible posts for the few moments it was up before I could fix it, I apologize.

Day 18 of 31 – Come see how the rest of us are slicing it up this Friday!

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4 thoughts on “The Oopsies Have It!

  1. Love it! In Blogger, sometimes, for no apparent reason, the spacing becomes scrambled. I hate when I publish but don’t check to see if the format changed…oops…like this morning

  2. I think we all can relate to this. Auto correct, for me, is the worst pain. Adding words I did not mean and then me hitting post before proofing what I have written. I tried composing on my phone but my thumbs seem to be too big and keep hitting the letter net to the one I want.

  3. Autocorrect is my nemesis or she likes to tell me my memesis. And big fingers? Yup. Typos? So many and even when they’re not, they are, if they’re wrong 🙂 I need to start typing on my phone, or doing what Lisa Corbett does – speech to text. I have a lot more to say out loud and maybe that will get me to March 31. The only problem comes when I dither over posting. Should I? Your “mess of a blog” is a warm place for me to hang out with a coffee on a Saturday morning.

  4. Well.

    Bad thing I’m slow on the draw then, I suppose, because I’m missing all the best outtakes!

    I’ve tried composing on my phone, and it’s become my last resort, mainly for the same reasons you say. The only way I can do it is if I use the dictation feature to draft, so that I can craft orally and go back to clean up the mess…

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