What Had Happened Was Supposed To Be Nothing

I wake up at 5am Monday through Friday for work. Unless I have some activity outside of my house that requires otherwise, I utterly refuse to acknowledge the earth exist before 8am on weekends. Even so I generally do actually get out of bed until well past nine. So can someone please explain why my brain did not understand the assignment this morning?

My eyes opened to a bright sunny day and I declared today I ain’ts gonna do nuttin’. I did not want to do anything. I did not want to go out for anything. I did not want to think about anything. I had no plans for the day other than to veg out. In fact I was in bed, in my pyjamas minding my business of nothing other than deciding how I was going to completely lag about today – and then…

Stop. Drop. Go get the broom girl and grab a mop.
Go. Go. Gotta make those floors shine and glow.
[10 points to those of you who get the musical reference]

The next thing I knew it was past noon. I don’t what happened…

Ms. I Did Not Want To Do Anything had a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom were swept, mopped, dusted and a load of laundry done. Wait what? I heard my grandmother’s voice on my head girl what is you doin’? and whatever magical button that had suddenly turned on Domestic Goddess mode now turned off. I looked in my dining room / office that also could have used a little need a spin n’ span that happened in every other room in my place, but the brain said noPe we’re good.

The next thing I knew it was past two. I don’t what happened…

Ms. I Did Not Want To Go Out For Anything was getting showered and dressed to hang out with cousins. They were in the City for a few hours and wanted to go out to dinner. I looked at the beef stew in my refrigerator longingly. I pretty sure it laughed at me. Perhaps sneered – stews be like that sometimes..

The next thing I knew it was past eight. I don’t what happened…

Ms. I Did Not Want To Think About Anything after coming back in from the early dinner found herself looking at a completed poem and a 3200 word chapter of a potential story. That last was especially frustrating because I have a different story I’ve been try in finish for nearly a month. I abhor everything I write for it, none of it feels right for that story. Yet Muse – fickle wench – drops this whole new thing on my on a day I didn’t want to think about anything. Harrumph!

The next thing I know it’s going on ten pm and for a day I in which I wanted to do nothing find myself realizing that only thing I had wanted to do today -post a slice today- came close to not happening.

Day 6 of 31

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge
Two Writing Teachers

5 thoughts on “What Had Happened Was Supposed To Be Nothing

  1. Well. The brain can be fickle in that it will show the body who is in charge. As for the stew, I’ll just bet that as you closed the refrigerator door the pieces of meat and vegetables formed themselves into a mocking grin. It would serve them tight if you were to eat them.

  2. I won’t lie: I need a few “I don’t know what happened” productive days like this one! I need to the do-nothing days, too. I hope you get a for-real one soon! 🙂

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