In A Frenzy

From a distance I watched the koi in the man-made pond. Seemingly heedless to the world around them, they swim peacefully, their tranquil moves a narcotic in these hectic times. I step a little closer watching. They continue to swim in ever lazy circles. It is a game we play. Well, a game I play. I am never sure if they are in on it or not. I play the game, nonetheless. 

circle of koi in a pond.

The game? How close can I get before they notice me?

There are concentric circles around the pond that mark my progress. So far, I have made it as far the third circle before I am spotted. I am at that line now, trying to get to the second, knowing it will take divine intervention to reach the first line.

Slowly creeping upon the pond, I take my time.

For a moment there is a single erratic movement and I think the jig is up. I still and after a moment the idle swimming continues. I am almost there.

I advance barely, barely lifting my foot from the ground, and slide it ever so slowly forward. All I have to do now is…

DAMN ! I’ve been spotted.

In a blink the formerly calm water is a frenzy of movement. Mouths agape, they all rush forward in a circle synchronized swimmers might envy.

Defeated once again, I take out the bag of food n my packet and feed the koi.

I’ll get past that second circle tomorrow.

Written for:

Cryanny’s Cove, Narcotic – Word of the Day Challenge

Use the word of the day in a poem or short story.

Cyranny’s Cove, November 24th #1MinFiction Challenge

What’s the #1MinFiction” Challenge?

Each week Cyranny provides a prompt to inspire one to write a very short story. The idea being to type the whole story in a minute or less. Of course, you can think about it before hitting the keyboard, and you can take all your time to edit it afterwards…

This week’s prompt is the photo above.

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