Unimited Funds and Instant Travel….

A year in quarantine has squashed my poor travel bug which is as antsy as a jumping bean right now. Reminiscing/Lamenting past travels brought good conversation and a good question.


If you had unlimited funds, and instant travelling with you and anyone you want to bring along at your disposal, what would your perfect day (24 hours, live it up) look like?

My Response:

Teleportation and some serious Red Bull/5 Hour Power would be likely needed, but I would bounce around the world.

This is a rough estimate timeline as I have no idea of sunrise/sunset times are for most of the places listed and would have to adjust my schedule accordingly.

* 9am – Breakfast on the Nile, with a tour of the Pyramids and camel riding included.

* Noon – Zip over to Antarctica for an hour of up close wildlife watching because I just have to step foot on that continent, not just see it from a cruise ship.

* 1pm – Warm up on Ireland and Scotland coasts mid-afternoon; I want to personally see the beautiful vistas and at least one of the ancient castles I’ve only seen in movies.

* 3pm – since we’re so close, a quickie bite at the Eiffel Tower (and perhaps a different sort of quickie afterward should I have a S/O by then).

* 5pm – New Zealand, The amazing forest shown in Lord of the Rings I believe was shot there.

* 6pm – Machu Picchu – for the amazing history.

* 7pm – Rio, Brazil, Statue of Jesus and the divers – self explanatory.

* 8pm – Sunset dinner in the Potala Palace is in Lhasa, Tibet. Can you imagine how glorious a sunset that must be at one of the most amazing architecturally impressive structures and at one of the highest points in the world!

* 10pm – Tokyo, Japan – Just to see the only place brighter than Vegas at night – lol.

* Midnight – Tromsø, Norway, Aurora Borealis – self-explanatory.

* 2am – Dubai (UAE) – for some serious late-night night life in an unexpected place, gotta get my partay on!

* Twilight/Dawn – Tonga Island – one of the closest places to the International Date Line – to be on the cusp of yesterday and tomorrow simultaneously.

* 5am – Sunrise on Uluru (Ayers Rock) Australia. For the sheer beauty and reverence of the place.

* 8am – New York, New York – because There’s No Place Like Home.

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8 thoughts on “Unimited Funds and Instant Travel….

  1. This is quite a day you have planned. Having been to New Zealand and having visited the farm where the Hobbit was shot I can tell you it is a beautiful place to country. When we were in Australia we had mimosas in the evening at Uluru at sunset. There was just something awe inspiring about watching the changes in the rock as the sun set. Some of my favorite pictures. Hope you get a chance to visit all of these places. (and of course write about them and post pictures.)

  2. I love this idea and all the wonderful places where you would travel! I may have to think about this myself. I have not traveled much due to cost and now I can’t physically do it, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. Oh…and your quickies made me chuckle. 😉

    • Even if I retired tomorrow, it would take years to hit every spot on the list, albeit for some it would be a revisit. And hey, if you can’t have a quick -ahem- bite in the City of Love…? Where can you? Thanks Rita.

  3. Wow, does THIS sound like a DAY! Hmm…where would I go…I think most of the places you mentioned sound pretty amazing! Maybe…a quick dive by the Great Barrier Reef? Take a gander at the Grand Canyon? Check out the Northern Lights? Ahhh….a girl can dream….

    • The Grand Canyon at sunset on a clear day is one of those visions that can have Atheists question the existence of the Divine for a moment man simply cannot create such colors. I had a similar feeling seeing the shades of aqua in the glaciers of the Antarctic. Some things must be seen with the naked eyes, not even the best camera can capture it.

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