6 comments on “Wasted Time?

  1. Oh Wow! I couldn’t agree with you more. We all need ways, not just one, to relax and vent our frustrations be that through blogging, painting, quilting, etc. We strive to be good at what we do, but perfection? If I had to be perfect I would do nothing because I would always find myself lacking. If I do something because I enjoy it the only one I need to please is me. If others like it, fine. If not, well so what. Hobbies are not jobs. If we remove the fun from them chances are that they will fall by the wayside.

  2. Raivenne, that sound you here is me standing up, clapping and CHEERING. I feel this all so deeply. In many ways (at least to me), creativity is creativity is creativity. We all need outlets, and many of us have several. I love being able to do lots of things. I love LEARNING lots of new things, and I love putting something new into the world in whatever form that may take: a song, a poem, cookies…it is all a good use of my time.

  3. I’m with you 100%, my friend! Whoever would say such a narrow-minded thing to you really needs to make some changes in the way they view life. Do they do nothing for the simple joy of it? How sad. I’m glad you have so many outlets! And glad I’ve gotten to share some of them with you! ❤

    • She does have fun interests, some of which I join in because they are among my many interests. Only when if it’s not an interest of “hers”, then its a waste of time unless it makes a profit otherwise why do it. I know this of about her and had fun calling her out on her BS. Thank you for some of the amazing shared experiences we’ve had!

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