Flashback Friday: 3-26

On this Flashback Friday we go March 26, 2013, when I learned of a magical thing called…

Firefly Squid

If, like I, you have never seen or heard of this before, let me introduce you to the marvel of it…


The Firefly Squid is a bioluminescent squid growing to a length of only three inches. The squid is equipped with special light-producing organs called photophores that emit a deep blue light. Large photophores can be found on the tips of the tentacles as well as around the eyes. Thousands of tiny photophores can be found throughout the squid’s body, giving it the ability to emit light along its entire form. In the Toyama Bay, in the central Japan Sea, the squid are found in fantastic abundance. Normally living at 1200 feet underwater, waves in the Toyama bay pushes the squid to the surface in massive numbers where they are fished by tons from March to June.

And as I stated back in 2013, I learn and/or am reminded of the wonders of this home terraform we call Earth. Regrettably, I have yet to make it to that side of the world, let alone to Toyama Beach just for this phenomenon. It remains someplace I would like to visit when, not if, WHEN, I visit Japan.

And of course post pictures when I do.

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2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: 3-26

  1. This is amazing. There are so many thing to marvel at in this world. And only three inches. Wow!. I look forward to seeing pictures from you trip whenever that may be.

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