As It Concerts Me

Yesterday was all about Broadway, but I also miss concerts. I have a long history with them.

First concert: The Spinners with Dionne Warwick, NYC 1970s (don’t remember the venue, I was nine or ten years old with my mother).

Last concert: Tituss Burgess at Carnegie Hall, NYC February 2020 (Thank you D-Fab!)

Best concert: Queen, Madison Square Garden, NYC September 1980 (First rock concert, saying I was underage and had NO business being there doesn’t cover it, but by God IT WAS GLORIOUS!)

Worst concert: I’m happy to say I’ve never been a bad concert, not even a ho hum one.

Loudest concert: Oh that’s an easy one – Metallica 2009 at Prudential Center. My ears rang for nearly three days.

Seen the most: Metallica and Jay Z, three times each.

Most surprising: Isaac Hayes live at Prospect Park Bandshell – June 2008. Surprising solely because of the gut punch of his passing away two months later.

Wish I could have seen: – Hands down Prince #1 I don’t know how I let that sexy motherfucker slip through my concert wish list unseen, *deep spiritual soulful sigh of regret*. Also, Nirvana is another one I really wish I could have seen.

Grateful I had a chance to see: Linkin Park in concert at NYC’s Madison Square Garden in July of 2008. LP had to cancel part their 2015 concert tour which included its stop in NYC. In July 2017 we lost Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington to suicide.

Linkin Park 2017 ticket stub

I still have the tickets for the “Welcome to Blinkin Park” concert at NYC’s Citifield Stadium that was scheduled the following week.

Next concert: Live in person? Who knows… Stay tuned…

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10 thoughts on “As It Concerts Me

  1. I have not attended any heavy metal concerts. Some I have seen: Anne Murry, Melissa Manchester, Billy Joel. Frankie Valli and the gour seasons, Bernadette Peters,, Betty Buckley. There are more, but you can see what my taste in music is.

    • I have seen Bernadette Peters live such a powerhouse voice. I want to cry every times she sings Gershwin’s “Not A Day Goes By”. Betty Buckley I’ve only heard sing in musicals. Billy Joel I have seen in concert at MSG.

  2. I love these! My first concert? Lionel Ritchie and Sheila E. Last one? Mmmm….I’m not sure I can remember. I’m with you on Prince, too. Thanks for this cool slice! It’s cool getting to know you better, and it also brings me some pretty fun memories.

    • I’ve seen Lionel with The Commodores, but not as a solo artist. I’ve seen Sheila E live amazing percussionist. Glad to brought back fun memories for you. Thanks.

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